What Is NopCommerce And What Are Its Advantages For Creating Online Stores?


Finding a good store builder these days is a daunting task indeed. Almost every platform you find these days has the same generic features, the same layouts, and the same e-commerce solutions. What we need is something new, something innovative- a unique and robust website builder and NopCommerce is the perfect answer to all your demands. Here’s why.


All About NopCommerce 


NopCommerce is the new in-thing for e-commerce enthusiasts. An open-source marketing solution, NopCommerce is customizable, stable and loaded with rich features and functionalities that will set you apart from your competitors. The framework is based on ASP.net, that offers a powerful backend database and high scalability to the platform. NopCommerce has catered to some big shots in the industry including brands like Volvo, The North Bank, and Reebok. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that this e-commerce builder provides world-class store building and shopping services. User reviews, extensive catalog designing tools, numerous discount options and integration with the popular payment gateways are just a few of the perks you get with NopCommerce. Seriously, we’re just scratching the surface here! Discussed below are a few advantages of NopCommerce and reasons why you should switch over to this platform;  


It’s Open-Source and Free! 

NopCommerce is an open-source platform that was developed in the ASP.net framework. This makes it open for all to access and tweaks as per their requirements. You get complete access to the source codes of the page, get the opportunity to start from scratch and get total control over your store. And what’s more, these wonderful features are free of cost! Yes, you read that right, you get to build a store, manage it and market it all without having to pay a dime. NopCommerce caters to growing startups and established enterprises as well. It has some of the top players as clients and is fully equipped with the advanced technologies required for enhancing your store. 


Easy Installation and Demo Store 


NopCommerce is easy to install, you can download and compile the source code off GitHub or get it on Microsoft Azure. Getting a precompiled code gives you the updated version of NopComemerce, although we recommend you try the method only if you know how to handle codes and stuff. There is a tutorial to refer to in case you face some glitches. Another way to get NopCommerce is to download it off the Plesk Control Panel. This is suitable for users who are using Windows or Linux powered devices. 

You can try the demo version of the store builder before actually trying out the real deal. The Demo Store is equipped with the same features as the original version of NopCommerce. It is available on the official website of NopCommerce.  


Advanced Functionalities 


NopCommerce is currently among the best and most advanced ecommerce solution out there that offers all the standard features and additional functionalities for free. You can get the builder up and running within a few minutes, even the features are highly scalable and can be upgraded. Here, you can build product catalogs, add multiple images and other graphics, choose from a range of NopCommerce themes and layouts, apply comparison tools, manage inventories, get lucrative discounts, integrate payment gateways and add shipping services in but a few clicks. The dashboard is loaded with features that allow you to do all this and more.


Shopping Cart Features 


One of the best things about NopCommerce that users won’t find anywhere else is the unique shopping cart features that it offers. Here, your customers can create mini shopping carts to keep track of their orders. Plus, customers are allowed to check out anonymously as well, you don’t need to create an account with the site. One can also opt for the one-page checkout that requires some additional steps to complete the transaction. NopCommerce also offers the option of gift-wrapping the product and adding a personalized message. It also supports multiple languages and over 50 payment gateways including cash on delivery, credit/debit cards, PayPal and Stripe. The tax calculator integrated into the platform allows you to arrange products according to the taxes, add discounts and other seasonal offer coupons easily. 


Flexible and Versatile

NopCommerce is versatile, you can use it for building stores, websites, blogs, portfolios, basically any platform where you can monetize your content. The drag and drop interface comes with all the flexible tools that give you complete freedom to edit the store as you want to. You can manage multiple accounts, vendors and stores in one place, get free web hosting, domain registration services, and cloud backup. Moreover, the platform is compatible with mobile and Android devices as well. In fact, NopCommerce automatically creates a mobile-friendly version of your store as soon as you publish the website.  

With NopCommerce you can implement a reward point system, start affiliate programs, offer gift cards, add newsletters and CTA buttons, include cross-sell product displays, build engagement polls and do other cool stuff. 


Convenient and Customisable 

NopCommerce has a robust and responsive SEO system that keeps your store on the forefront all the time. A high SEO ranking automatically ensures a higher visibility on the major search engines, which in turn gets you more leads and sales. The in-built sitemap makes navigation through the page easier, the CMS solution takes care of the content while the customized URLs help you stand out. The NopCommerce plugins are extra perks that further boost the performance and reach of your store. The user-friendly interface and live editor allow you to make real-time changes to the web store. the checkout process and shipping services are accessible and convenient. Furthermore, the checkout process is hassle-free ensuring faster conversions rates. 


The Bottom Line 

NopCommerce is a safe, secure and reliable e-commerce solution for entrepreneurs who are looking for a comprehensive, one-stop platform for all their web store needs. All the features comply with the PCI-DSS regulations, come with SSL certifications that encrypt the online bank transfers for faster and safer transactions. 


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