Top Social Media Trends that will take over 2018 [Infographic]

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With the past few years, social media has certainly become the reason for the biggest revolution in the lives of people. There was a time when social involvement and engagement were a little slow and for some people, it was next to impossible. No one has thought that the day will come when most of our time will be consumed on Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat or Instagram. Some are earning money through social media while some people take advantage of it by fulfilling their interests in various fields and many are doing their business through social media platforms.

If we analyze last year i.e. 2017, we can see numerous social media trends. A very influential trend which took over the internet was video. Nearly 90% of content shared was videos in 2017 ultimately attracting a great amount of internet traffic on video sharing websites. What’s more, smartphone took over desktop when it comes to spending an immense amount of time on social networks.

Live Streaming had been all the rage last year. People have used live streaming on Facebook, Instagram or other social networking platforms in some way or the other. Studies have reckoned that around 80% of the brand’s audience prefers to watch live streaming videos rather than reading the complete post. On top of that, the Generation Z which has a tremendous buying potential of $44 billion is growing rapidly. On this account, companies will be required to overhaul their social media marketing strategies with the latest social media trends of 2018 to attract this rising power in the market.

Trends are meant to come and go and the un-ignorable point is people get much fascinated with each fresh social media trend. Go ahead, take a look, perhaps the information will help you plan and execute your social media strategy effectively to gain or attract more audience towards your business!

Infographic source: Filmora


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