Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Business in 2018 [Infographic]


In 2017, Facebook users of all ages spent 68% of their time on Facebook via their mobile device, which is definitely indicative of a trend that is continuing to increase over time. More and more individuals are consuming social media on their mobile devices instead of computer browsers and this requires those who are at the forefront of digital marketing to adapt to this significant change in the market.

Many advertisers don’t consider how well their ads are being received on mobile devices, which can be a significant mistake, as the numbers show. There are indications that anywhere between 85% and 90% of revenue from ads on Facebook take place on a mobile device. That’s a lot to give up!

Think about it – when people are on Facebook and other social sites, they’re usually just browsing during an idle time, and if something catches their attention, they’re more likely to look at it because they’re idle. Watching videos via your smart device has become the norm, and you need to try to keep up with it if you want to ensure you’re getting a piece of the revenue pie that is out there.

In order to keep moving forward with our ideas and future, it’s important to consider how we can develop videos in a way that is effective and helpful for all that we’re looking to accomplish. Understanding how mobile advertising works and placing that strategy into marketing plans can go a long way.

This great infographic that Filmora put together makes it easy to understand some of the very important statistics related to mobile advertising and video that we need to consider as marketing professionals and provides us with some tips that we can utilize to make the process more efficient. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below.


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