Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem [Infographic]


A recipe always includes two parts: a list of ingredients and a set of instructions. Without the list of ingredients, you would have no idea what you needed to cook whatever you were making. Without the instructions, you would have no idea what to do with the ingredients. Just like any recipe, an Internet marketing lead generation campaign has distinct ingredients and a process for putting them all together. However, whereas a botched recipe may result in an inedible meal, a lead generation campaign that is misassembled or missing any components can result in disaster for your business.


That’s why Straight North have developed the infographic below. After studying numerous high-performance lead generation campaigns, we have identified the ingredients they need to appeal to the broadest selection of website visitors possible, and how all those ingredients are composed in the finished product. Based on that research, we created this infographic of what we refer to as the lead generation ecosystem. This tool can serve as a blueprint of sorts for building a lead generation campaign that covers all the bases.


For example, the social media sites featured in the purple hexagon at the top can be important for bringing in casual visitors who may not know they need a product or service until they see content shared on their social network. Because there are so many types of website visitors to convert, any missing components can mean the loss of potential customers. Having this flowchart to serve as a recipe for a highly successful lead generation campaign can help you whether you’re building a campaign from the ground up or optimizing an existing one. Although it’s not impossible to cook without a recipe, having one is a good way to ensure you’ll get the best results.



Infographic source: Straight North

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