How to Choose A Social Media Marketing Agency?


Our social media pages are a place for us to interact with our customers, show our brand, and provide information to our friends and followers. Social media also gives us an opportunity to boost our SEO strategy, bring new leads to our business, and keep loyal customers happy and informed.

While this may seem simple, social media actually takes a detailed strategy and plan that many small businesses do not understand how to complete. This means that most small and medium-sized businesses are either not doing social media correctly or they are choosing to ignore social media altogether – which can have negative effects on your business.

If you already have a full plate and feel like social media is just something you can’t handle, there are social media marketing agencies that can work with you to develop a strategy that fits your needs, boosts your business, and takes the stress of social media off your hands.

Before you hire a social media marketing company, here are five questions you should be asking:


1. Do you give Each Customer a Unique and Specialized Approach?

Your social media pages are yours and yours alone, meaning there is no one size fits all approach to how your strategy should be created. Your goals will look different than your competitors, your number of followers will influence how often you need to post, and your industry will determine which kind of posts you should be sharing.

A great social media marketing agency will work directly with you to determine what your social media marketing strategy will look like and what your posting schedule may be. Rather than trying to force your goals to fit within a standard package that the social media marketing agency provides, the social media marketing agency that you hire will create a new package that directly fits your needs.



2. Do you have Experience in this Industry?

Social media strategies across different industries can look drastically different. A retail store will post different content than a company selling to another company. If you want to see high levels of success with your social media pages, you will want to work with an expert with experience in your industry or with a similar company.

Talk with a potential social media marketing company about what experience they have with similar companies or in your industry. You should ask for them to show you examples of similar strategies they have completed so that you can get a better idea of if they can provide the service you’re looking for.


3. What is your Communication Process?

Your social media posts need to be connected with the rest of your business. What you are doing offline should be reflected in what you are doing online. If you are hosting a promotion, have new items or services for sale, or you have pivoted your marketing strategy, all of these ideas should be reflected in the information or content that you post.

To ensure that you and your social media marketing agency are on the same page, there will need to be frequent communication. If your social media marketing agency has a policy of discussing goals once and then leaving you be for months at a time, your website, company and social media will seem disjointed and like they are coming from entirely different people. Before hiring, ask your social media marketing agency what their communication schedule looks like.


4. How do you Measure Social Media Success?

Success looks different to many people. For some, social media success is in the number of fans, friends, or followers that a company has. For another, a successful social media strategy is reflective of how frequently your posts are engaged with. Yet another way to measure a successful social media strategy comes from how many individuals are following from social media to the company website.

Discuss measures of success with potential social media marketing companies to get a better idea of what their goals are. They should be able to give clear explanations of what each measurement means in relation to your own company goals and provide detailed looks at how they will gauge social media reach, social media growth, social media engagement, website traffic, and lead generation from social media.


5. How do you Identify Yourself?

When interviewing for a social media marketing company, it is easy to only think about yourself. As you are the buyer, you want to know exactly what you’re purchasing and what it will do to drive your company forward. But you need to remember that you aren’t the only individual in the deal. As a company that you will be working very closely with over the duration of your working relationship, you want to know that it is someone who shares similar goals, has similar ideas and that you won’t butt heads during your time together.


Ask your potential social media marketing agency questions about themselves, how they work, and how they would identify their company in their industry. While you may be tempted to go with the large agency over the small agency just getting started, it is a business partnership that you need to take a hard look at and consider all your options. While you want a team that will work with you to help you reach your goals, you don’t want a social media marketing agency who will ignore your wishes, desires, and take your social media platforms to unrecognizable levels.

Outsourcing your social media posts and strategies can be a very smart idea for many small to medium size companies. If you don’t have an expert team on staff to handle the workload for you, don’t allow yourself to suffer the consequences of a half-completed calendar or a neglected Facebook page. With the help of the right social media marketing agency, you can focus on what you do best and leave your social presence to the experts.



Choose the right social media marketing agency for you by considering what they can offer you, how well they listen to your goals, and if they can really understand who you and your company are. As you want your social media pages to show your brand personality, be informative, and drive customers to visit your page, having a good understanding of what your company can do or offer is crucial for a social media partnership.

Be sure to ask these five questions before hiring a social media marketing agency. When you start on the right foot, you can begin to see new success at a faster rate.



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