YouTube Stats, Facts & Video Marketing Cheat Sheet [Infographic]


Videos are more effective as a communication medium than pictures or words. As a result, YouTube has become the prime platform for marketing products and services. Whether you want to expand your business locally or internationally, you can use this platform to create an effective marketing strategy.

However, before you get a camera and start shouting “Light! Camera! Action!”, you need to understand what YouTube can offer you as a marketing platform and what steps will give you the best results. The following cheat sheet will guide you through the process.

Please print out the cheat sheet and put it where you can see it regularly, or make the image your computer’s wallpaper. You can refer to it as you create those high-ranking videos that will help you increase your audience.



Here are some YouTube statistics that will show you the power of the world’s 2nd biggest search engine behind Google.


YouTube Statistics

  • YouTube has a Billion Monthly Active Users. If YouTube was a country it will be the 3rd most populated in the world behind China & India.
  • 80% of YouTube’s Views are Outside of the US
  • On Average, A User Spends 40 Minutes on YouTube on their Mobile Device per Day
  • 4 Million YouTube Videos are Viewed per Day
  • 6 Billion Hours of Videos watched on YouTube every Month
  • 300 Hours of Video are Uploaded to YouTube every Minute
  • YouTube Reaches More 18 – 49 Year-olds than Any Cable Network in the US
  • Videos are Shared 2x more in Facebook than Text or Image-Based Content
  • The Number 1 Ranked YouTube Channel Belongs to PewDiePie who has 49 Million Subscribers for his Video game Channel
  • PewDiePie makes more than $12 Million on YouTube per Year
  • Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Taylor Swift Rank Among the Top 10 YouTube Channels
  • Fastest Growing Brands on YouTube are Apple, PlayStation & Angry Birds
  • Most Searched Topic on YouTube is ‘Music’ followed by ‘Minecraft’
  • Adding a Video on Your Website can Increase the Chance of a Front Page Result in Google by 53 times
  • 40% of YouTube views come from Mobile Devices


Here are some video marketing strategies and YouTube tips.

YouTube and Video Marketing Cheat Sheet

  1. Start with an Awesome Title
  2. Write a Description that Hooks Viewers In
  3. Use Appropriate Tags so Viewers can Find Your Video
  4. Use an Eye-catching Thumbnail
  5. Upload Your Video in High Definition
  6. Add Transcript to Your Video so Search Engines and People Can Use It
  7. Keep the Video Short & Sweet
  8. Add Music to Increase the Emotional Impact
  9. Include a Brand Logo as Watermark
  10. Link to Other Videos of yours that are Relevant
  11. Use a ‘Call To Action’ at the End


SEO Expert Brian Deans Tips for Higher Rankings in YouTube

  • Provide a Hook – A Quick Intro
  • Jump Into the Content Quickly to Improve “Watch Time”
  • Use The Perfect Video Length 5+ Minutes, Make Sure Video is Not Too Long
  • Use “Open Loops” to Hold People’s Attention. Open Loops is when you Mention Whats Coming Later in the Video
  • Promote Your Video Content to the Max



Include video marketing and YouTube in your 2017 marketing budget. Follow the steps on this infographic to get better results. If you need a hand get professional help!



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