Ways to Repurpose Social Media Videos As Other Types of Content

social-media-video-imageMany businesses nowadays create lots of videos to publish on social media. However, what do you do with the videos that you’ve created after they’re published?


In most cases, the answer to that is probably: Nothing – which is a bit of a shame. The fact of the matter is that you should take advantage of the videos that you’re creating further, and one of the ways to do that is to repurpose them.


Make no mistake there are lots of ways that you can repurpose your social media videos as other types of content, such as:


  • Articles for your blog or website that you can create by transcribing the video and editing the content. The articles could even feature images in the form of screenshots that you capture from your videos.


  • Podcasts may be an interesting idea and can consist of the audio track that you extracted from your video. For this to work, the audio track needs to be a detailed voiceover narration that can stand on its own without the video. If it isn’t detailed enough, some additional audio may need to be recorded.


  • Compilation videos that consist of the best clips from several videos that you’ve published, and are related by a particular theme or topic. The compilation videos can be published on social media or your website and can link to the source of each clip to generate more interest in them.


  • Recordings of live videos that you may have published on social media such as webinars or Q&A sessions. It is easy enough to record webinar and for example, you could use Movavi Screen Recorder. In some cases, you may want to just provide a VOD version of the live video, or in others, you may want to edit longer live videos into more focused topics.


  • Slideshows can be created by taking screenshots of the video. The transcription of the audio can provide text for the captions or bullet points – though it will have to be edited heavily in order to fit. The content can then be published on platforms such as SlideShare, with a link to the full video or to your website or social media.


As you can see there are lots of possible ways that your social media videos can be repurposed so that you can benefit from them even after they’re published. Based on the options above you can go over your existing videos and see if any can be repurposed in the ways described.


That may be easier in some types of videos than others. For example, any video guides can normally be repurposed quite easily into how-to articles or slideshows. On the other hand, funny videos are perfect material for a highlight compilation.


At the end of the day you should evaluate each video and decide whether or not you want to repurpose it – and if so, how? Be sure to explore other options aside from the ways listed above as well, so that you are truly able to leverage your social media videos.

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