3 Tips to Improve Photos Before Publishing Them on Social Media


Most social media platforms nowadays have become increasingly visual, and photos have become the bread and butter content that is published on them. Odds are you’ll want to publish photos of your own, but if you’re hoping for them to make a splash they need to be top-notch in terms of quality – and look great too.


To make sure your photos look good and get lots of likes and shares on social media, it would be a good idea to improve them before they’re published. If that’s your goal then these 3 tips will come in handy:


Size it Correctly

Different social media platforms publish photos in different sizes – and you should size your photos accordingly. While the social media platforms will automatically resize any photos that don’t match their specifications, that could cause your photo to be cropped in an odd way and not display correctly. To avoid that, it is best if you size it correctly yourself – by either cropping or resizing it to fit.


Make it More Vibrant

Generally, vibrant photos work best on social media because they stand out and are more likely to get noticed. Naturally, there are exceptions and in some cases, you will want the tone of the photo to be more subdued, but overall aiming for vibrant photos that catch viewers’ eyes is preferable.


Don’t go Overboard with Filters

Many social media platforms nowadays have filters that you can use to stylize your photos in some way or other, or you could use an editor to apply them. While filters can certainly make your photos stand out it is important that you don’t go overboard when you use them – as that can detract from the photo’s appeal by making it look unnatural.


If you keep these tips in mind when you’re preparing your photos for social media, you should be on the right track. Ideally, you want your photos to have a consistent theme throughout your social media presence, which may require some editing as well in some cases.


As you can see it is important that you’re able to edit your photos if you want to improve them before you publish them on social media, which is where Movavi Photo Editor can help. It is an easy to use editor that doesn’t require any experience, and yet will let you edit your photos like a professional.


With Movavi Photo Editor you can easily perform any alterations on your photo and enhance its quality, apply filters, add captions, replace the background, or transform its frame. In fact, you can even use it to remove objects from photo to directly improve its composition.


In short Movavi Photo Editor will be an invaluable tool that can help you prepare your photos and make sure they look great before you publish them. All it will take is a few short minutes for you to familiarize yourself with its features, and apply them in conjunction with the tips listed above to improve your social media photos.


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