4 Important Tips to Plan More Engaging Social Media Videos


If you want your videos to have an impact on social media they need to be as engaging as possible – and that starts right from the planning stage. For videos to be engaging they need to be planned carefully so that they focus on retaining viewers, keeping them interested, and encouraging them to react.


While planning engaging social media videos can seem challenging at first, there are four important tips you should follow:


  • Refine topics to be more focused

The right topic will go a long way to making your video more engaging, and aside from being something that interest viewers – it should also be focused. By refining your topics so that they are more focused you’ll be able to create shorter videos that will have much higher engagement levels.


  • Script the video to be direct and succinct

Before you start recording your video you should write a script, and then revise it over and over again until you’re satisfied. The goal should be to present the topic in a manner that is direct and succinct – both to keep the duration of the video short, as well as to retain the interest of viewers.


  • Find an emotional angle to play

If you want your social media videos to really engage viewers and get them to react you should try to plan it so that they play an emotional angle. Most emotions would work fine, and you could make your video humorous, inspiring, touching, or surprising.


Assuming you’re able to provoke an intense emotional reaction, your video is much more likely to engage viewers and get them to like, share, comment, or react in other ways.


  • Plan a great hook to start the video

Every social media video should start with a hook that normally encompasses the first 8 to 10 seconds and is designed to interest viewers and keep them watching. Without a great hook, your video is likely to lose viewers at that point, which is why it is so important. One proven way to hook viewers is to outline the benefits of watching the video.


While the tips listed above can help you to plan more engaging social media videos, the next step is to actually create the video – and you should consider using Movavi Slideshow Maker (https://www.movavi.com/photo-to-dvd-slideshow/) on that front. It will let you quickly create impressive slideshows that are perfect videos for social media.


Part of the appeal of Movavi Slideshow Maker is that it is easy to use, and you will be able to compile a great slideshow without any prior experience. On top of that, it also has lots of powerful features that will let you incorporate various audiovisual elements such as animated transitions, filters, special effects, music, and more.


All in all Movavi Slideshow Maker is an easy yet effective way to come up with short and simple videos for social media. Just remember to plan out your video in advance as well, so that you’re able to make it as engaging as possible.

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