7 Time Saving Social Media Marketing Tips You Can Use Today


The data is out: your customers are already using social media to find businesses like yours. And if you’re not capturing their attention, you’re missing out on business. Here are seven social media marketing tips you can use today to optimize your social media presence without spending more time than you have to.


Make use of Buyer Personas

When you’re faced with growing your social media accounts, it can be easy to get overwhelmed.

  • Which sites do you need to focus on?
  • What do you say on each one to grow your follower count and steer connections toward your offer?

The answer to this is simple: you build a buyer persona.

Your ideal buyer will determine where you set up social media accounts, how you frame your social media profiles, and what you say on each profile. That’s because when people connect with your business online, they’re looking for relevant information for their lives. They’re looking to connect.

For example, let’s say that you’re a retail shop which sells boutique women’s clothing. A social media network like LinkedIn will be useless for finding new customers however, it would work for finding investors. For new customers, you’d do better on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. What would you share on those sites? You would share cute images of your clothing that your ideal buyer will want to share. You’d share model images of smiling women wearing your clothes so that your buyer can see themselves looking as amazing as the models. You might also share relevant style guides that support your inventory. You would also re-share and connect with your followers so that your accounts are seen more as a human and less like a brand.

By focusing your social media accounts on who your buyer is and what they’re looking for you narrow your content strategy down to what’s important and stand a greater chance of success. Hubspot offers a Buyer Persona guide that will help you build one.


Establish a Social Media Goal

You’ve determined who your buyer is and where they hang out. Now you’ll want to establish some goals. Document how many followers you have on each channel. Establish a goal for the upcoming campaign, such as

“Increase Twitter follower count by 1000 individuals in the next 30 days”.


These goals help you focus in on what you want to achieve with your social media.

  • Is it to increase the overall number of followers?
  • Improve engagement?
  • Increase sharing?
  • Or is your immediate goal more sales-driven, such as conversions on a call to action?

Whatever your goal is, you’ll need to make it very clear to your team. Establish baselines so you know where you started and what success looks like and can measure the efficacy of each new tactic or channel.


Get Creative with your Sharing

Sometimes, it’s best to post about your brand on your social media accounts. So how do you rectify the need to focus on the buyer with the need to share your story? The simple solution is to entertain with everything you share.

For example, instead of saying, “We have awesome employees”, why not highlight a different employee each week and link to their story?

And if you have events, such as a group meeting or a company party, share updates live.

Or if you donate to a cause, tell the world about it! There’s no reason to be boring with your social sharing. People can’t be bored into following you.



Use a Call To Action

One way to increase engagement is to use a call to action in each social media share. A call to action is a line that encourages your followers to take action. A call to action might be for your subscribers and followers to:

  • click on a link,
  • share a post,
  • leave a comment,
  • perform an action or
  • subscribe to a list.


Listen more than you Share

Want to know what your buyers are really interested in? Start listening! Task someone on your team to follow buyers and gather ideas about what your buyer persona talks about, shares, and likes. Does your buyer persona like videos? Does she complain about one thing more than others? Pay attention and use that information to your advantage.

Another way to glean insights is to look at your competitors. If they have successful social media, pay attention to what they’re doing that you’re not and model your social media accordingly.


Don’t Link Your Social Media Accounts

A common mistake that new social media managers make is to link accounts. That is, they use their social media management software to send the exact same message across the channels. This is usually done to save time, however, it ends up backfiring for almost all who do it. This is because the people who follow you on one channel aren’t necessarily the same as the people who follow on another.

For example, your LinkedIn followers are likely to look for and expect a different message than those who follow on Snapchat.

In order to have success on any social media channel, you’ll need to tailor your message to that channel and the conventions of that channel.

For example, Instagram uses hashtags. You wouldn’t use those same hashtags on LinkedIn or Facebook, though.

Another example is Twitter. Twitter has a limited word count, 140 characters to be exact.

Facebook, on the other hand, favors longer content sharing from influencers. In order to maximize your social media presence, you’ll need to do a little bit extra work to optimize the message for each channel.


Automate Your Posts

Finally, if you are still managing social media manually you are making life hard for yourself. Social media management tools like Hootsuite and Buffer allow you to manage automatic sharing of content as well as mentions, direct messages, and trend following. Plus, you’ll get real-time analytics on how you’re doing so you can tailor your messaging and improve engagement. Just make sure that you’re not sending the same message across the channels.


Wrapping up

Social media is a powerful tool in the marketing arsenal. As you implement a few of these social media marketing tips you’ll see increased engagement, more followers, and greater ROI out of your social media activities.


Author on SocialMediaToday.com and Business2Community.com; loves the laptop lifestyle and escaping the 9 to 5. Loves family, entrepreneurship, smartphones and fast cars in that order.

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