Social Media Marketing for Brick and Mortar Businesses [Infographic]


We have witnessed the proliferation of smartphones and social media over recent years and it has brought monumental change to the world at large. It has changed how people interact and do business and it has caused a huge amount of flux to industries like hotels and retail. Online stores have created a huge new segment of competition in retail and while brick and mortar is still the preferred method of shopping by people, Ecommence sites are growing fast and present a constant threat to the growth and drive of offline retail.


Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and more have provided people with a new way to communicate with others. With the likes of Facebook now in possession of a large volume of personal data, it also means that it provides a huge potential for businesses like retail to connect with customers. This might require a budget in terms of advertising but having an initial presence on a social platform like any of these is initially free. While the existence of so many social media platforms might lead some to believe that there is a need to be on all of them simultaneously, this is not necessarily true because aside from the fact that it requires an abundance of time to create and manage these profiles, not all might be suitable to the type of retail store that you operate.


Consider assigning the task of managing the social media profiles to a staff member but ensure you make it clear the boundaries and parameters that you wish to lay down in terms of your store’s message at the outset and document it carefully. Think about getting training from a third party to ensure your staff member is comfortable and adept at operating the customer service side of the social profiles.


This infographic from Storetraffic goes through everything you need to know about social media marketing for brick and mortar businesses. It explains the potential that social media can bring to a business; it details how to get started with social media; it highlights the importance of Google My Business to the growth potential of your brick and mortar store; it explains how to claim your business on Google My Business in order to be more visible to your customers; it also pinpoints the main aspects of the other social media platforms so that you understand why or if you need to be on specific platforms and lots more. Check it out below!


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