Why is Social Media Perfect for Business Lead Generation?


If you are a business and you do some of your sales online, or even if you are a mostly brick and mortar establishment, you can gain a lot from the right use of social media. Social media platforms have the potential to bring you a lot of leads that you might miss out on otherwise, and the investment you need to make is low compared to other forms of marketing. There are several reasons for this, and in this blog post, we will dive into how to get business leads from social media to get an edge in your market.



The first benefit of social media is that you can reach out directly to individuals or groups of potential customers. This kind of access is hard to replicate in other types of marketing because they tend to be one-way or awkward to use. For example, billboards and TV ads are ways to reach out to customers, but the customer has no way to respond. Phone lines are never enough for a real conversation with a significant number of people and email is relatively cumbersome.


Facebook and Twitter are immediately accessible for just about anyone, and the possibility for any kind of conversation makes them fast and easy to use for useful communication.

For example, imagine the case of a complaint. When a consumer has a problem with customer service, they can leave a Facebook comment or a Yelp review.

This gives the business an opportunity to respond. The best response, of course, is an apology and an explanation of how the manager has fixed the issue.

That will show both the customer and anyone else who reads the exchange that the company is invested in making improvements and responding to criticism. That kind of attentiveness and responsiveness is attractive. This is not limited to negative interactions, either.

A business can advertise new products or a sale to social media followers. This kind of ad will go directly to people who are interested in it and are likely to follow through with a purchase.

Something as simple as a tweet with a product link can draw attention to a given item, boosting sales and revenue.



One of the biggest upsides to social media is that it is useful for so many different types of communication and it costs nothing to use it any way you want. Returning to the example of a TV ad or billboard, once you create a costly ad it is difficult to alter it. The message of that ad will stay the same for as long as you run it, and you want to run it as long as you can because you already made the investment to make it.

On the other hand, you can alter your social media message easily and for free. That kind of rapid transition means you can easily adapt to changing circumstances or send out multiple different important messages at the same time.


For example, imagine that it is the holiday season. You would like to emphasize that you have a big sale on your flagship product, but you also want to advertise the release of a different, unrelated product. It is hard to combine both of these announcements into a single traditional ad, but issuing two different sets of posts on the social media platforms you prefer to use will convey the information effectively and with ease.

Anyone interested in the sale will see your announcement if they do a search or follow your social media accounts, and likewise for anyone who wants to learn about the new product. That means you will get leads from two different sources of potential customers and each group will have a specific and focused reason for clicking through. This flexibility translates into higher quality leads because you can customize your message to fit specific audiences.

A major part of online marketing is not just how many leads you get, but how likely you are to convert them. The ability to send flexible messages on the fly goes a long way to improving your conversion rate.



In 2016, more than half of all global internet traffic comes from mobile devices. This varies from country to country, but worldwide mobile platforms are a large and rapidly growing source of internet usage. That means any advertising technique that is well-suited to mobile will be especially effective.


Social media fits that bill perfectly. Other ads like videos and banner ads don’t perform as well on mobile; they chew through the customer’s valuable data allotment and often display poorly on small mobile screens. On the other hand, all the major social media platforms have very clean and clear mobile interfaces, and the notification system on smartphones is perfect for delivering your message to the audience’s eyes.

Social media plays into the impulsive nature of mobile browsing and offers immediate content. In other words, social media succeeds where almost every other type of marketing fails when it comes to the mobile area. That translates to a key edge in this market, which continues to grow as a source of sales and leads.


What is Holding You Back?

While it was possible to succeed without a social media presence in prior years, the opposite is now true: many companies thrive with nothing more than a Facebook page. That speaks to just how flexible and powerful social media has become.

Facebook and Twitter occupy huge shares of the typical user’s attention, and for all the reasons in this post, social media posts are excellent at generating leads efficiently. That’s how to get leads from social media and make good use of your marketing dollars and time.

You do not need to make social media the core of your marketing strategy, especially if you are new to it, but now is the time to start trying things out. If you wait too long your competition will begin to dominate the space and you will be left behind without leads.

If you are ready to get started making social media a powerhouse for your business, then contact us to discuss your goals.



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