6 Ways Social Media Can Help Build Customer Loyalty [Infographic]


It’s common knowledge among marketers that social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today. In fact, 92% of marketers say that social media is important to their business. 50% of marketers who have been using social media for at least two years have also reported that it helped them boost their sales. With these figures, it is sufficed to say that social media – when used correctly – can provide lucrative benefits to companies of any type.

One of the benefits of social media marketing is its diverse user base. Facebook, which currently has more than 1.94 billion users worldwide, is ideal for any kind of business that wants to reach as many followers as possible. Twitter, on the other hand, can help brands to stay relevant by joining conversations about trending topics on the internet.

For B2B companies, LinkedIn is considered as the best place to interact corporate leaders. According to statistics, it has total monthly active users of 106 million, which ranges from C-type executives, marketers, and key managers. Instagram is a social media site that marketers can use to entice their audience with compelling visual stories.

The more you understand how these platforms work and the unique competitive advantage that each option can provide, the better your chance of getting more loyal followers for your business. With these platforms, you are not only positioning your brand in the forefront of your industry but also making it easier for your customer to reach you as well. By having a regular interaction with your customers, their perception towards your brand improves, resulting in better customer experience, which is crucial to ensuring customer loyalty.

To learn more, check out the infographic provided below by our peers from Business Coaches Sydney, which discuss the ways social media can help build customer loyalty.


Infographic source: Business Coaches Sydney

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