Social Media Benefits to Healthcare Industry [Infographic]


Social media is here to stay but is that helpful to people’s life in any way?

Yes, social media has impacted almost all industries but the industry that stands to gain the most is Health.

The current generation of people are living longer compared to an older generation where healthcare and information on medication, treatment and diseases were hard to come by. Thanks to social media and the internet it is not the case today.

Today patients and even doctors connect with each other to make the health industry a better place thanks to social media.

Here are some of the best statistics related to the health industry, the internet and social media:

  • 80% of Internet Users are Specifically Looking for Health Information; 40% of those are Looking for a Specific Doctor or Healthcare Professional
  • 88% of Doctors use the Internet and Social Media to Research Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Devices

Chronic illnesses are very common in developed countries like the US where 1 in 2 adults have to deal with such medical issues. Coping with these illnesses can be very demanding and it is the same for caregivers as well. Social media and social communities dedicated for specific illness can be very soothing when it comes to learning how to cope with such situations.

Here are some major social media networks and the percentage of healthcare organizations using them:

  • Twitter – 54% of Healthcare Organizations use it
  • Facebook – 46%
  • YouTube – 32%
  • Google+ – 22%
  • Pinterest – 19%
  • Instagram – 13%
  • LinkedIn – 9%

There is no surprise that Twitter and Facebook are the most preferred and dominate the health industry (as well as many other industries).

Here is a list of social media network usage by industry:


Here is an infographic that will help you understand the impact of social media on the healthcare industry. It also outlines how healthcare companies can better utilize social media to connect with patients and provide a better healthcare experience.

Infographic source: Canadian Pharmacy King


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