16 SEO Myths and Scams You Should Ignore [Infographic]


Search engine optimization has been around for the better part of two decades. In that time, it has established itself as a $65 billion-dollar industry that employs millions of people around the globe. SEO has helped tens of thousands of companies grow in a variety of ways and has made hugely successful people from those who have mastered the art and craft of optimization.

So why is SEO still seen by many individuals and groups as nothing more than some sort of hocus-pocus that some employ to make a quick buck? The answer can be summed up in two words: SEO myths.


SEO Scams

There are many SEO myths that are downright scams. Let’s take for example those emails that you have probably received in the past offering optimization services that will guarantee a spot on the first page of Google’s search engine results within, say, 24 or 48 hours.

If you responded positively to that email and actually hired them to help your website rank, then you just got burned. Quick SEO results don’t exist. It would take some time for any organic SEO work to bear fruit. In all likelihood, the people you hired use black hat SEO tricks, which will eventually get your website on Google’s bad side.

Some scammers also use this SEO myth that guarantees top rankings for anyone who hires them because they claim to know someone on the inside, and by “inside” we mean Google. Their “man,” or so they claim, can tweak the SERPs if asked. Of course, it’s just a big lie to rein in unwitting clients. After all, not too many Google employees know the ins and outs of the algorithm, which constantly changes anyway because of continuous experimentation.


Misleading Myths

To be fair, some SEO myths are not really scams but are simply misleading. However, they can still impact your rankings if you fall for them hook, line, and sinker. Check out the following infographic for some of these persistent SEO myths.




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