Top 7 Free Social Media Analytic Apps to Grow Any Business


Knowing what works–and what doesn’t–on social media is one of the most important challenges that marketers will have to face. Without a clear grasp of what is going on out there in the fast-paced and ever-changing social media environment, you run the risk of flying blind and having all your carefully-planned marketing efforts come to naught.

The importance of knowing about the factors that drive social media becomes especially apparent given the immense power of word-of-mouth advertising. Far removed from the constraints and ‘rules’ of traditional marketing forms, the new advertising model, in fact, throws the rule book out the window in favor of innovative and cutting-edge methods that bear little resemblance to the traditional marketing processes that you have come to know so well.


Get to Know Your Audience

The first step in getting a handle on the new marketing paradigm is realizing that gaining audience trust is more important than ever. When your audience trusts you, they are more likely to talk about your products and services and recommend them to other people. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are especially useful for this purpose, providing people with both a convenient platform for sharing ideas and opinions and a ready-made audience for them.

Of course, the vastness and ever-changing nature of social media present a number of challenges on its own. One of the most significant of these is finding out what people are talking about and what drives discussion these days. This is where social media analytics tools come in.

As the name suggests, social media analytics tools enable you to analyze the social media marketplace. This will help you figure out how your marketing machinery is performing, and how well your brand is being received in the marketplace. Social media analytics tools also help you identify areas in your marketing that need improvement.

The good news is that there is a huge array of social media analytics apps available today, and many of them are free. Providing you with a host of features that will enable you to monitor, assess, and–in some cases–even improve your performance on social media, these apps are essential for everyone who wishes to finely hone their marketing campaign at no cost.




Keyhole provides a range of features for the real-time tracking of social conversation. Designed specifically for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the app makes it a simple task to generate conversations centered on your brand, and to measure the results. Keyhole even lets you pinpoint potential clients and people who are talking about your products and services.





SumAll is an innovative tool that provides you with a convenient one-stop interface from which you could manage all your essential online marketing and e-commerce data. A totally interactive solution, SumAll provides features such as real-time data monitoring and goal tracking, as well as the ability to compare new and returning customers side-by-side.





Followerwonk is an essential app for enabling you to explore and expand your social media performance. The app is especially useful for parsing your Twitter analytics in order to find out more about your followers, such as who they are, where they are from, and how often they tweet.





Quintly is a fully-featured benchmarking and social media analytics application that enables you to track and compare the effectiveness of your marketing activities. It performs equally well on most of the major social media platforms and provides a host of easy-to-use yet powerful visualizing and benchmarking tools.





Cyfe is another all-in-one solution for tracking and analyzing social media performance, and it delivers results quickly and easily. Covering a host of popular social media platforms, and even a few of the lesser-known ones, Cyfe makes it possible to monitor and analyze your social media data across a variety of platforms from a single location.




Klout helpfully provides you with the means to measure your social media influence based on your brand’s ability to drive conversations on social media. With a unique score-based method of determining performance, Klout makes it easy to see at a glance how well your brand is engaging your audience.





ViralWoot is capable of a wide variety of tasks, but it is most effective at helping you get more exposure on Pinterest. The app employs an interesting “seed” based model, which grants you a number of seeds every time you follow other users or re-pin content. ViralWoot also helps you manage your schedule for maximum visibility and even alerts you when your content is pinned by other people.



Use these top 7 social media apps to not only grow your business but also to better understand your followers. This leads to improved engagement and creates better visibility for your business.


Author Bio: Benjamin Shepardson is the owner of NoStop Content you can connect with him on twitter.



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