7 Free Tools to Comprise Your Essential SEO Toolkit


Do you need powerful SEO tools but don’t have the means yet because you are just starting out?

Setting up a new website can take a good chunk of your time if you are not too familiar with the industry’s best practices, especially when it comes to ranking your site on top of the search engines.

Here’s a question to ask yourself:

How can I work faster and smarter?

In blogging, it’s good to start off by having the right tools for your blog.

When it comes to SEO, it’s best to have a set of trusted tools that can be your go-to every time you need help. Each of them has different uses that will cover almost every aspect you need on your blog.

It’s incredible how some companies and individuals offer these powerful tools with such great value for only little in return.

So, let’s go ahead and discover some of the best free and easy to use SEO tools that you can make good use of for your website, shall we?



Every SEO strategy should come with intensive keyword research. It’s always the first part of any content you will be writing.

And get this: it is a crucial aspect of any content on the internet.

Doing it the wrong way can be the reason why your content won’t get any of the effects you desire.

One free tool that can perform keyword research excellently and help you plot out your keywords is Ubersuggest’s keyword research tool.

As the name suggests, the main thing it does is analysis and research on keywords.

For example, we entered “free blogging tools” and got a bunch of keyword combinations that are related to it.

It’s always good to know some alternatives to your first choice because most of the time your first choice isn’t always the best.


But along with their suggestions comes the data you can use for optimization including Cost Per Click, Search Volume, and Competition or Keyword Difficulty which they get from trusted sources like Google Keyword Planner and Google Suggest. This data offers vital deciding factors that you can measure to come up with a list of final keywords to focus on.

Here are some more features just in case you aren’t convinced yet:

  • Unlike Moz, Ahrefs, or Semrush, Ubersuggest is 100% free
  • Can save you a lot of time doing your keyword research because it fetches info from Google Keyword Planner and Google Suggest without the need to log in
  • Provides hundreds of combinations of keywords that are relevant to your selection
  • Loads extremely fast and doesn’t lag
  • Can be exported to CSV, so you can easily sort and access it offline
  • Aside from English, it’s also available in multiple languages including Turkish, Spanish, Thai, and more!
  • No need to login

So apart from getting a huge list of keywords in a snap, you can also plan your future PPC campaign.


Free Backlink Checker SEO Tool

Having backlinks are a good indicator that your site is trusted by other sites. Plus, it tells search engines that your website is important.

Therefore, if search engines understand the importance of your website, they are more likely to put you on top of the search results – giving you a higher amount of traffic.

This Free Backlink Checker SEO Tool from Monitor Backlinks gives out a consolidated list of the top 300 backlinks to your site.

Also, upon entering your site URL, you’ll be shown an image similar to this below where you can see any domain’s total backlinks, unique domains, and indexed URLs:


Here are some more of its cool features:

  • Check the top backlinks of any domain for free
  • Take a peek at your competitor’s links
  • Get alerts and weekly reports straight to your inbox about yours and your competitor’s links

At the early stages of your site, backlinks are like a goldmine. And even if you’re already doing well, maintaining high-quality backlinks are still required to keep your business going.

There are instances where Google penalizes websites with low-quality links. A quick spam report from a competitor may affect your score too.

Many possibilities can affect your website’s ranking, especially with constant search engine algorithm changes. So make sure to always check and monitor all of your backlinks whenever possible.



SEOquake is a browser extension that provides a wider look of any website’s details regarding on-page SEO factors. This includes Google and Bing Ranking, the number of backlinks, Alexa rank, and even SEMrush reports.

Whenever you’re browsing any web page, you can activate SEOquake by just one click of a button. And here’s what it gives you:


That’s just a quick overview, and it already gives so much information!

SEOquake helps uncover more details that you don’t usually see in other SEO tools.

Moreover, other than the parameters shown on the image, they also have these features:

  • Add SEObar just below the address bar of your browser to get an instant summary of any website
  • See a page’s metrics like backlinks, domain age, and keyword difficulty through their SERP overlay feature
  • Analyze all the data by exporting them to CSV

See? Even free tools bring extreme values!

You can leverage details you’ve gathered from SEOquake to give you the upper hand against your competitors.



It’s easy to write and publish any content, improve your design, then repeat them all over again. But to be able to move forward and make sensible plans for the future of your site, you need to know where you stand at the moment.

Gone are the days where keyword stuffing and mass commenting are the pillars to reach the first page of search engines.

You must audit your website now if you haven’t already.


So you know what should be your next steps.

A website audit is a full analysis that determines factors of your website’s search engine visibility.

It can be a fiddly process, that’s why using a tool like SEOptimer is the smart choice.

Upon entering your website URL, you will be shown comprehensive data to gauge whether your site abides by the latest SEO practices.


From title tags, keyword consistency, number of broken links to your site’s usability performance and security, there’s a huge bundle of information that is sure to give you almost everything you need to draft out your SEO plans.


Beam Us Up

Beam Us Up is a downloadable Windows software that will find and fix any hard to spot SEO errors your website may be experiencing.

Easily find out website errors

Beam Us Up will display the most common SEO errors on your site and you can easily sort the data through its built-in smart filter.

Find duplicate content

This tool helps you to find duplicate content that needs fixing instantly. Duplicate content may hurt your site’s SEO score because search engines can get confused in deciding which of the similar pages to show on search results.

Endless crawling

Crawl your site until the very last drop of detail it can get. As the owners say, “the only limit is your hardware.”

Beam Us Up equips you with the right information you can use to come up with better SEO strategies. Having this little tool comes in handy to make the otherwise technical SEO tasks easier to detect and fix.


Drop My Link

Created by a programmer and internet marketer, Mister Fong, Drop My Link is a tool to find SEO footprints that you can use to create your backlinks on. It focuses on helping its users increase their site traffic and build its reputation.


Right now, lots of people usually mark comments and forum posts as spam when it appears to be as such. This can cause your website’s reputation and think that your site is junk.

This is where Drop My Link comes in.

It identifies legitimate sources where you can build your backlinks.


Google Analytics

A list of free tools can’t be complete without Google Analytics.

At a glance, here’s what this tool shows you:


Total visitors, session durations, audience acquisition, and traffic behaviour, are just a few of the hundreds it provides website owners.

Google Analytics pretty much does everything when it comes to tracking and analyzing the traffic that your site gets.

But keep in mind that it only starts the tracking once you add it to your site. So if you are curious to know these things we mentioned, then you need to integrate it into your website immediately.



At the beginning of your blogging career, you don’t always have to set aside a big chunk of money to invest in the right tools. Thankfully, there’s an abundant supply of free tools that can do so many wonders for your blog.

A single tool is usually never enough that’s why we’ve brought together this list of useful free tools to save you time and money.

We hope that these tools can complement each other to make your SEO efforts even more effective!


  1. I agree with the tools, although more and more I use them, I’m using less and less of OSE and openlinkprofiler. SEMrush and ahrefs definitely tops and paid service is definitely worth it with all the data you can get from them.

    • Hi Chia,

      Agree with you 100%. I love AHREFS & SEMrush. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      Cheers, Cent

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